J.H.K. group builds test vessel for research institute in Mainz, Germany

J.H.K. group builds test vessel for research institute in Mainz, Germany

Within the framework of an international research project, the GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung needs a pressure vessel in which special equipment tests can be carried out under various conditions.

To ensure an easy installation and removal of the equipment this vessel is equipped with two shell flange connections. The scope of supply furthermore includes a lifting traverse for lifting of the single vessel segments for the installation of the equipment and an erection frame enabling the access from below.

In the offer phase, the customer's concept was converted into a practicable design based on the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU and the AD 2000 regulations in joint consultation with the customer.

In addition to the usual engineering in the field of pressure vessel construction (statics, proof of stability, construction, design review by TÜV Nord etc.) a finite element analysis is carried out to be able to determine the effects of changes in shape on the equipment under various test conditions.

The vessel made of P265GH has a diameter of 4,000 mm and a total height of 6,000 mm including the erection frame. The maximum wall strength of the vessel body is 25 mm. The total weight of the construction is 21.5 tons. The shell flanges have 120 screw connections each and a flange blade height of 190 mm.

After production and all necessary tests, the vessel is provided with a complete corrosion protection on the outer and inner surfaces.



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