J.H.K. Group builds desalinators for Holborn Europa Raffinerie

J.H.K. Group builds desalinators for Holborn Europa Raffinerie

In 2017 the J.H.K. Group has been awarded with the manufacture of two desalinators for Holborn Europa Raffinerie in Hamburg. These desalinators form the “heart” of the refinery and will have to be connected in the present plant downtime.

The static calculations and the preparation of workshop drawings including the necessary bills of material as well as the TÜV support have also been part of our engineering service.

The desalinators were manufactured in our plant in Bremerhaven and have got the following dimensions:

Length 23,000 mm
Diameter 3,000 mm
Wall thickness 55 mm
Total weight including the interior fittings oil outlet, drainageway, inlet distributor and steampipe
105 tons per piece


After installation of the weld seam preparations the shell courses were rolled and connected to each other by submerged arc welding. The scope of testing of the welding seams was 100%.

The coating by J.H.K. Industriebeschichtung and the stress relief annealing were as well part of the scope of services as was the final pressure test and the transportation to Hamburg.

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