Additional shareholder of the J.H.K. Group

Additional shareholder of the J.H.K. Group

As of January 1, 2020, the J. Heinr. Kramer Group has another shareholder with Georg Kürfgen. The character of the future-oriented family business will completely remain and continue.  

What was the background for the decision of the J.H.K. Group to have Georg Kürfgen as another shareholder?

Julius Kramer: In our strategy J.H.K. 2026, which Mr. Kürfgen and I have already developed together, we made clear that we have clear strategic objectives for the further development of the Group. In our first talks, we found out that Mr Kürfgen actively can and wants to shape this development. To realize our company strategy, which includes among others considerable profitable growth and development goals, a long-term cooperation and a close coordination as well as conformity between the managing directors who are assuming responsibility for the complete Group and the shareholders is important. Both is emphasized with Georg Kürfgen’s shareholding. I frankly admit that this is something completely new in our 118-year company history. At the same time, we are convinced that we thus position in the right way for the future.


Georg Kürfgen: Coming from a business family my goal – after years in German company groups – was to work again as entrepreneur. For me, this does not only mean to shape the company actively but also to take over extended responsibility. I think the shareholding shows that I am ready to do so and that I am convinced of the development of the J.H.K. Group. I am very glad about it.

Will there be changes in the cooperation?

GK: I hope that it has already become clear within the company that I do not simply look at J.H.K. as a “job”. Thus, I do not believe that there will be major changes. I find this cooperation within the management, with the advisory board and the shareholders as well as with all of our colleagues to be very open and very trusting. This does not need a new creation but is documented now with this new role as shareholder.

JK: I fully agree also in the name of the Kramer family and am glad to lead the Group together with Mr Kürfgen as well as with all colleagues into the future.

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