The future of Terminal Automation starts - NOW

The future of Terminal Automation starts - NOW

With the attendance of numerous delegates from almost all domestic major oil and gas companies and the Royal Army we held our first two-day summit in Morocco.

During the first day our specialists gave a detailed overview about the current status of State of the Art Terminal Management and future planned developments.

From Compact Metering Skids with superb accuracy and reliability to flexible and transparent Flow Computer Systems, from single Terminal Automation to cloud based networks with integrated smart devices - all aspects of modern technology had been explained and discussed with the

The second day was dedicated to workgroup discussions to talk in detail about pending and future projects.

We thank you all, who had been taken part on this memorable event.

If you would also like to know more details about our Technologies and Solutions, just send us a email to, visit our web site. or join us at the upcoming STOCEXPO Exhibition in Rotterdam.

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