"30th anniversary at J.H.K."

"30th anniversary at J.H.K."

Manfred T., Pipe Fitter, J.H.K. Anlagenbau und Industrieservice GmbH & Co. KG

Manfred T., Schlosser, G & K Montagengesellschaft

What are you doing at J.H.K.?
I have been with J.H.K. since 1989. I am working on our construction sites, especially of Exxon, in the field of maintenance and repair. My responsibilities are e.g. the preparation and execution of TÜV pressure tests, disassembly of old plants and their professional disposal, common maintenance work, assembly and disassembly of tube parts and fittings. With 2 – 3 person teams we are going onto the construction sites. The topic “Safety” is always present, e.g. we have to observe regulations with regard to respiratory protection and works under pressures.

What distinguishes the work within the J.H.K. Group?
My activities are very diverse – I will never get bored, even after 30 years.

A day to me is successful if…
… I have reached the daily goal of our project and the customer is satisfied.

What do you like about J.H.K.?
I like the diversity of the tasks, every day is different and my team and I have to adapt to the special situation of every construction site. We are a well-coordinated team and know each other from the in- and outside and there is also lots of fun.

Good equipment and modern tools are indispensable for my work. J.H.K. invests in these.

How does J.H.K. distinguish from other companies?
It is a family business and the connection between leadership and employees is very good. In demanding times on our construction sites J.H.K. asks us to walk “the extra mile”. Conversely I can rely on J.H.K. if I have personal things to do and need a spontaneous day off. It is always a question of “Give and Take” and I can rely on the word of my leadership.

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