"As father is son"

"As father is son"

Peters S., und Maximilian S., Industrial coatings

Peters S., und Maximilian S. im Bereich Industriebeschichtung

What is your task at J.H.K.?
Peter S: I have been with J.H.K. Industriebeschichtung since the 1990s and have already had many different tasks. Many years I had been working in the scaffolding where we repaired and maintained plants for natural gas production and built and rebuilt complicated scaffolding constructions that were especially fitted to the needs of the customer.
In the meantime I am taking over special tasks in the company and can bring in my long experiences in the area of industrial coatings e.g. when paintings on industrial plants have special requirements to quality. This is applicable e.g. for hydrants, valves and other safety relevant construction parts.

Your son is now also starting a professional training with J.H.K. Industriebeschichtung as buildings and object coater. Why did you recommend this?
For several reasons! When I learnt that we offer some professional trainings in our company, among others through our employees’ information magazine “Spotlight”, I immediately thought of my son. After an internship he was enthusiastic about the professional training.
The possibility to do an internship is not offered too often, but it is a very good idea for young people to get a taste of the job. They are our successors and shall keep and develop the achieved results.

The tasks here at J.H.K. are very exciting and special. Every customer needs a solution fitted to his needs. Thus, learning never ends in our company and it is not boring.
J.H.K. for me is a good and reliable employer, a “real” family business. Especially recently we feel the changes in the company. The leadership is always open-minded for the needs of their employees. Several changes have started at our site and were already realized. To me as a member of the staff council it is very important. Various events like Christmas parties or the company run express the appreciation of the leadership for the employees.

When do new colleagues feel good at J.H.K. Industriebeschichtung?
It is very important being able to work in a team, as I am never alone on a construction site but am cooperating with my colleagues for the best solution. However, it is also important to make own decisions and to think along.



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