"I like the diverse professional training."

"I like the diverse professional training."

Norwin S., Trainee Plant Mechanics, J.H.K. Anlagenbau und Industrieservice GmbH & Co. KG

Norwin S., Auszubildender Anlagenmechaniker – Apparate- und Behälterbau, J.H.K. Anlagenbau und Service

How have you found us?
I met the instructor of J.H.K. during a job fair. He offered me to make and internship at J.H.K. I made direct use of this possibility and after some days I was quite sure that this should be my professional education. I was already allowed to weld and drill and at the end of the professional training I produced my own little artefact of metal.

How does the professional training work?
The education as installation mechanic takes 3.5 years. After one year in our education workshop where I learnt the basic abilities like welding, drilling, rolling, soldering, I was mainly on the construction site during the second year. I was e.g. on a yacht where J.H.K. produced and built in the pipelines. The colleagues on site showed me all important movements and I could also work on my own.

What do you like in particular?
The education is very diverse. Through different projects I am continuously learning new subjects. The best feeling is to see that the pipes produced by oneself are really inserted according to the drawings of our design engineers. This is a work that demands a lot of skills especially in the narrow interior of ships, which impresses me every time.

I particularly enjoy the welding, which I was really good in from the very beginning.

It is hard to me…
In the beginning it was definitely hard to me to get up early in the morning, but I have got used to it.

Why do you like being at J.H.K.?
The team is great, we have a lot of fun and there are always things to laugh about. Sometimes we are cooking or having barbecue with the instructors and all trainees during lunch break. This way we also celebrated my interim exam.
Our instructors support us a lot and are always open for topics concerning us. I myself like standing up for my colleagues and am busy in the youth trainee representation.

How will you go on?
First of all I would like to finalize my professional training and then have a further look. It is great to have the very good possibility to be taken over by J.H.K. and this gives me confidence to pursue my career here at J.H.K. It is good to know that J.H.K. is supporting my further development also after the professional training.

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