"I like the security of my job"

"I like the security of my job"

Jörg M., Construction Manager Electrical Engineering, J.H.K. Anlagenbau und Industrieservice GmbH & Co. KG Bremerhaven

Jörg M., Bauleitung Elektrotechnik, J.H.K. Anlagenbau und Service

Since when have you been working for J.H.K.?
Since January 2, 1991, when I had just finished my professional training in another company. I then started as journeyman at J.H.K. Anlagenbau und Service.

What are you doing at J.H.K.?
I am a construction manager in the electrical engineering. Our projects in this area are within e.g. the wind energy and in shipbuilding. Recently my projects were in the ship installation on yachts and cruise liners. J.H.K. is responsible for cable railway construction, cable pulling and installation work in the technical rooms.
As construction manager I am taking over organisational tasks like work preparation and material planning as well as personnel coordination. At the construction site we are up to 60 persons within big projects.

What do you like in your job at J.H.K.?
I like the diversity of tasks. Our projects may be in different areas, it is always challenging to adopt to these particularities.
On the construction site we have a very good climate and we are a great team having fun together. For sure, in stressful periods the tension grows.

What was your highlight?
Sure, my absolute highlight up to now has been the construction of the Neumayer Station II. I spent nearly 4 months with some colleagues at the site. The atmosphere was a special one and who can claim to have been in Antarctica?

What do you appreciate about J.H.K.?
I appreciate the safety of my job. Especially in Bremerhaven it is not certain to have such a safe job.
The communication with my team leader is fine, our communication is very open which is of importance to me.

A day for me is successful if…
… the goals set are achieved.

When does a new colleague feel good at J.H.K.?
Whenever he/she is anxious to having a diverse job.

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