"It was the right decision to change to M+F"

"It was the right decision to change to M+F"

Anna-Marie H., Trainee in Mechatronics, M+F Technologies GmbH

Anna-Marie H., Auszubildende Mechatronik M+F Technologies GmbH

How did you get here? How is your career?
I had already started a professional training as mechatronics engineer refrigeration in another company, but the focus was not on electrical engineering as I had originally wished. Therefore, I decided to continue my professional training in another company. I found the job offer announcement of M+F in a regional trainee exchange and sent my application. Soon I had a job interview with M+F and could learn more about the company in a one-week internship. I liked it and so I started by professional training with M+F.

How does the professional training work?
In my professional training I am mainly working in the electrical production at M+F. We produce e.g. measurement computers like the MFX_4 Controller, which serves to measure and conduct certified processes in the transfer of liquids, e.g. mineral oil.
When starting the professional training I got an introduction in the most important systems used at M+F e.g. the merchandise management system, Outlook. etc.
After a short period, I was already in a position to support the teams in their projects and in-between I got several smaller learning projects. Lately we have dealt with printed circuit boards and created circuit diagrams, ordered the respective material, carried out the construction and further tests.

What do you like in particular at M+F?
I like that I can always think outside the box and can already solve my own small projects independently. Moreover, the supervision by our instructor as well as by our colleagues is very good.
My personal highlight up to now was among others to spend two weeks at our site in Bremerhaven with my colleague-trainee and to get more to know about the professional training over there.

How will you continue after having finished the professional training?
I would like to stay with M+F and thus am very glad that the opportunity for a takeover is so high. I could also imagine to once continue with the state certified engineer, but luckily I still have some time to decide about it.  

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