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Our corrosion protection - diverse and protective
Surface technology

Your first choice for industrial corrosion protection

We maintain, protect and design your technical plants, components and steel constructions with coating systems exactly tailored to the individual application and thus take care of longevity and economic efficiency. Besides the renown corrosion protection works for all iron and non-ferrous metals we master a braod range of special coatings like e.g. 2-component hot coating. We are furthermore certified according to WHG (Water Resources Act) and DGVW (German Association for Gas and Water). Individual consulting is reliably given by our specialists, also after conclusion of a contract.

Good and precious

Protection of high quality of stainless steel components

Various certifications

DVGW approval, RAL quality seal tank protection and tank technology


Deployment of mobile blasting and coating processes

Special processes

2K hot spraying technology (Epoxy, Polyurethane)

Surface technology in detail

We service the following industries

Ship building
Oil and gas
Energy industry
Process industry

Our references

Corrosion protection of complete systems

For the repair of their plants our customers, a North-German gas provider, counted on our expertise in corrosion protection. Here our specialists in the field of mobile blasting and coating processes were in demand.



Coating of underground pipelines

With our competences in the field of coating of underground pipelines we are convincing these long-time customers. The corrosion protection of an underground pipeline was newly set up in winding and hot spraying processes.



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