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System solutions for energy logistics

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As an experienced specialist we take care of all tasks linked to the automation, digitalization and management of tank farms, terminals and fuel supply systems. Here our focus is on loading systems for tank trucks, rail cars and ships as well as on blending systems and fuel supply systems at airports. Further details can also be found at www.m-f.tech

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System solutions for energy logistics

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Oil and gas

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Tank-truck loading station – simultaneous handling of up to 18 vehicles

During the extension of the tank storage BADR-City of the Egyptian logistics company MISR-Petrolum a tank truck loading station in modular skid design was manufactured. The tank storage BADR-City will have 18 loading stages for diesel, petrol and kerosene. The COTAS automation system controls all loading processes – from the product storage via the inventory measurement to the withdrawal from storage.

Tank wagon unloading station in modular skid design

During the extension of the tank storage Kiefersfelden of the European-wide operating logistics company Dettendorfer, a complete tank wagon unloading station in modular skid design for the storage of diesel was newly built up. The tank storage Kiefersfelden has more than 10,000 m³ of storage capacity for bio and normal diesel and corresponding facilities for additivation, blending and HEL-colouring.

Central COTAS Association across borders

The mainly in Central and Eastern Europe active mineral oil group of Hungary has a large number of tank storages. We produced a highly integrated control and management system enabling transparency about all product movements and quantity balances. For more than 10 years an availability of equipment of better than 99.98 % has been guaranteed.

Detonation protection – Exchange and Repair Offshore

For 30 years a flawless operation of a drilling and protection platform at the marginal sea of the Atlantic Ocean has prevailed by using highest technology, highly qualified employees and complex supervision and safety systems. Flame arresters are used as permanent fireproof deflagration arresters.

Components & Repair – Manufacturer-independant Repair

Due to large stocks of components and spare parts a prompt repair is possible at site and in the specialized workshop. For the repair of liquid meters, fittings, valves and loading arms the equipment is removed and cleaned according to Article 19 of the Federal Water Act (WHG). After survey and test of the parts a careful foundation/painting is applied.

Conversion to MFX_4 – ready for the future

M+F MFX_90 modular flow computers were replaced by the new generation MFX_4 including the operating unit MFX_4 Terminal Pro at 15 filling tracks and newly calibrated for an international group of the oil refining industry in the North of Germany.

On-spot filling pipes – Production and repair

Filling pipes with bellow and flat gaskets are to be produced for a group in the petrochemical industry according to the customer‘s specifications. Perfect and prompt repair of further on-spot filling pipes are expected in the specialized workshop of M+F.

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