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Tank and process equipment construction

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We manufacture tanks and apparatuses of high quality for different applications. Be it steel, stainless steel or special materials: You get products of highest quality tailored flexibly and individually to your needs. The manufacture of large dimensioned tanks and apparatuses is possible due to our production areas of 40,500 m², production halls of up to 9,500 m², the necessary mechanical equiment and a berth suitable for seagoing vessels. Components with high unit weights up to 200 tons can be produced and transported from here.

Diverse materials

Ferritic, austenitic, heat-resistant steels, special materials

Manufacture in perfection

Most modern welding technology and all kinds of corrosion protection

Manufacture capacities

Production hall of 9,500 m², crane capacity of 200 t, deep sea port

Long-lasting experience

More than 100 years of experience with highly qualified personnel

All from one source

From the first planning up to the delivery to the customer

Our promise

Wide range of certifications and approval

Tank and process equipment construction at a glance

We service the following industries

Ship building
Oil and gas
Energy industry
Process industry

Our references

Steam-Steam heat exchangers with pipelines

Extension of the boiler plant and integration of the new into the old plant. The order included the construction, statical analysis and the thermal and fluid-dynamic analysis of the pipelines, the preparation of all necessary documents for the preliminary tests of the pipelines, the construction under strictest QM control, the prefabrication and the installation of the pipelines for steam, feedwater, condensate, drain and chemicals in the newly built boiler house, that had been equipped with JHK apparatuses.

Wintershall Holding GmbH – Spark-free double-wall tanks

Construction of underground, heatable, double-walled, leak-monitored collecting tanks of austenitic duplex material of high quality. The order included the survey of the installation site, construction and statical analysis as well as the pretesting of the construction, the construction under strictest QM control and also the transportation and installation of the tank into the underground system of the operating mineral oil plant.

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